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Baxi boilers are manufactured in the UK and are available in plumbing and DIY stores nationwide.

Therefore, with Baxi, you will find a range, model and output to suit all domestic gas heating systems.

Baxi’s high-efficiency hot water and heating products are simple to install, service and maintain and easy to use.

There’s more to say about Baxi.

First, Baxi is so confident in the reliability of its product line that the company offers an industry-leading free warranty on parts and labour, so you do not have to worry.

Secondly, from its beginnings to its current product range, Baxi’s ethos of pride, passion and positivity – combined with reliability, respect and innovation – has helped define the Baxi company.

From Baxi’s award-winning customer support to Baxi’s industry-leading practical training,

Baxi is committed to making life with Baxi as easy as possible.

As a result, we can say that Baxi provides every customer with a dedicated, professional and experienced sales representative or Business Manager as their single point of contact.

Whether you are a homeowner, installer, contractor, developer, social housing provider or planner, Baxi can be the solution.

Also, you should know that Baxi is part of Baxi Heating.

Baxi Heating Group has a portfolio of some of the best known and respected brands in the domestic and commercial heating industry in the UK and Ireland. These include Baxi; Main Heating; Heatrae Sadia; Megaflo; Remeha; Andrews Water Heaters; Potterton Commercial; and Packaged Plant Solutions.

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