Gas Cooker Service

Gas Cooker Service,  maintenance should be carried out annually.

As a result, you will ensure that the appliance is operating to safety standards.

Also, the connection to the gas supply is checked if it remained secure and tight.

An unmaintained gas cooker is generally less effective.

Nevertheless, it can lead to unwanted breakdowns and expensive repairs.

It can put you and your family at risk from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and gas explosions.

You should have your gas cooker checked whenever your appliance is not working.

Or if you are concerned about gas leaking from your appliance, you should check it also.

If you smell gas and all the knobs are off, it is advisable to turn off the gas at your ECV (shut-off valve next to your gas meter).

Call SNC Group so we can send a competent person to fix the problem.

Gas cooker maintenance will prevent it from not working properly.

It will also help prevent future breakdowns and problems with your cooker.c

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