Boiler Service

Your boiler is a device that consists of several mechanical and electrical parts, so you will always need a Boiler Service Provider.

Maintain it to keep its life, exactly like you do with any other machine.

Each manufacturer has its own recommendation on how its boiler should be maintained.

So, for a proper maintenance, make sure you have the boiler manual in hand.

Each manufacturer has its own preference on how their appliance should be maintained.

A gas engineer is qualified and trained to work on any boiler, as the working principles are the same.

SNC Group recommends that you service your boiler every year.

A better solution for you is to have an annual maintenance contract.

As a result, you can receive our help faster, in case something is happening to your appliance.

In order to provide you with a customized solution and quote, the SNC GROUP’s specialists must visit your property first.

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