To work with gas you must be a qualified gas engineer.

You shouldn’t tamper with an installation if you are not qualified.

At SNC GROUP, you can find a group of gas engineers that are qualified and experienced in the field.

If you need any help, we can quickly send someone to your property to stop the hazard.

SNC works with its customers to find the most cost-effective and quickest solution to fix the issue.

Because we know that a house without heating is just a house.

Heating and hot water supplies can run low and it can cause a major disruption in your life.

However, a gas leak in your property can cause death and that is why we recommend that you call a licenced gas engineer to fix your problems.

Work only with professionals.

It may seem that it is more expensive than a local trade that is not accredited, but it can save your family’s life.


Do you smell gas? Does anyone from your family have headaches in the last few weeks?

Don’t wait for a tragedy to happen!

Contact Us now!


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