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Glow Worm

Glow Worm, your reliable manufacturer of heating and energy products for over 80 years.

UK’s pioneer for heating solutions.

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UK’s energy industry began in early 1934, with Glowworm as its pioneer.

Derwent Foundry in Derbyshire. was the start point for boiler production.

For 80 years, our entire drive has been to provide you, our customers, with reliable and highly efficient products.

It is this drive that has taken us right to the top as one of the leading heating manufacturers in the UK.


To provide you with exceptional and long-lasting energy solutions is our mission.

In our state of the art manufacturing facilities in Belper, Derbyshire is the place where we manufacture all our boilers.

Our revered product range includes domestic gas boilers such as combi, system and heats only options.

The Vaillant Group

In 2001, Glow-worm was acquired by the Vaillant Group, Europe’s second-largest heating company.

Vaillant employs over 12,000 people across Europe and China.

It provides innovative heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies to hundreds and thousands of homes around the world.