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Viessmann Boilers by Viessmann.

In four generations, Viessmann has developed from a heating manufacturer into a solution provider for the entire living space. We can highlight a few aspects.

Firstly, with its 12300 members, the Viessmann family is well equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Secondly: Viessmann is a family business that operates worldwide.

The company is shaped by the Viessmann family of entrepreneurs and thrives on the diverse talents of our members.

Since the company was founded by Johann Viessmann in 1917, we have grown strongly.

Founded in 1917, Viessmann is now represented by 22 manufacturing companies in twelve countries.

With 120 sales offices, Viessmann is represented worldwide and generated around 2.65 billion euros in sales in 2019.

In 2019, the 102nd year of our existence, we have restructured our organization.

We have combined our six business areas and the Viessmann foundations under the umbrella of Viessmann Family Holding.

One of the most important Viessmann management principles is: Everyone takes responsibility for their actions.

This applies in particular to our managers and our Executive Board, who set a good example. 

Viessmann Boilers - Technologies

Viessmann develops seamless air conditioning and energy solutions,

They ensure optimum room temperature, hot water, power and good air quality in equal measure.

Our guiding principle is to positively design living spaces for future generations.

In a holistic solution offering, we seamlessly connect products and systems based on the right energy sources via platforms and digital services.

Viessmann also offers a wide range of additional services.

They sell around 730000 devices every year.

80 % of these replace existing old appliances.

A modernized heat generator reduces carbon dioxide emissions by one ton per year.

The potential is huge: there are 13 million obsolete appliances in Germany alone.

Modernisation would release 500,000 tons less CO2 into the atmosphere.

That is about as much as the city of Frankfurt am Main produces in emissions per year.

Innovation is part of our DNA: More than 1500 patents and industrial property rights are registered to the Viessmann Group.

We already achieved the German government’s climate protection targets for 2050 in 2012.